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Home is where the heart is, home is where life happens. We design homes, we rather define homes with our modern, refined and appropriate designing styles. Creating spaces which are livable and beautiful at the same time is our passion. It reflects in our body of work. Working on each aspect of interior design with our clients meticulously, understanding their requirement thoroughly and then providing appropriate solutions is our working methodology. We believe in professional approach towards each and every project of interior design. We specialize in residential design, help our clients through the process from concept to completion. We do architectural detailing, custom lighting, and furnishing. We work on only one mantra, i.e the design should be functional, it should have a good feel and moreover, space should essentially reflect the personality of individuals living in it.

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We believe that none of our plans is better than the client’s requirement. Our methodology is very simple, we gather maximum information by asking numerous questions to the client. We strive to understand each tiny detail, which client want to incorporate into the design. Having architects in our team space planning come naturally because before designing a space it is necessary to understand the space and then plan. The hands-on experience of appropriate design software such as Auto-Cad helps enhance the total interior design experience as it opens different graphic avenues such as a walk through, 3D view of the house and so on. Our Motto is to create spaces which are synonymous with people living in it.

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Dr. Amita Motwani
Dr. Amita Motwani

Renu & Lalit
Renu & Lalit

Sameer Jha
Sameer Jha

Kaveri Mohan
Kaveri & Mohan

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