The living room is the face of your house. We understand how special the living room can be for a home. It is a place where you get to meet people from outside as well as hold small casual talks with your family. If the living room has the proper interior design, it gives a boost to other areas of the home as well.


We at PRG interiors understand the requirement of the interior design of the living room from our client. We see  that the work is done in accordance with client’s requirement. Our work includes collecting requirements from the client, planning the work, estimating the work and going ahead with the execution. At each point during execution we see to that we also monitor the difference between what we have planned and what is being executed. For living room, it is better to have proper ventilation. A lot of furniture needs to be avoided to create the flow of energy.


We also understand the Vaastu aspect of the home and design the interior accordingly. Choosing a better home is in your hands but making the home livable and Vaastu complaint is our duty. We fulfill it with utmost commitment.


We have designed interiors for numerous living rooms for different projects. Every project provides us with the different experience. With each of our customer we grow and see to that we enrich ourselves with the lessons learned.


We at PRG Interiors understand your concern. We contribute our best to provide you with your dream living room.