We have been working on modular kitchen design since our inception. We have slowly developed our concepts through logic and cutting edge technology. We work on the logic of space planning while designing the kitchen. It is then explored through different software tools.

We have worked on L shape, U shape, parallel, straight and island models of Modular Kitchen.

We being experts in designing Modular Kitchens see to that spaces are planned intelligently, the design is flawless and all the features are functional.

At PRG Interiors, we have successfully delivered different customized solutions right from an integrated breakfast table to tall cabinets with inbuilt appliances. We offer the superior range of finishes for all our fittings and products.

Our efforts of designing are dedicated to making cooking an activity which every family member should look forward to. Our clients seem very happy with projects that we have delivered and look forward to work with us again on similar projects.

The beauty of our kitchen design accentuates with sleek, functional and beautiful fittings of international brands like Elica, Hafele, Hettich, and the likes. Our kitchen designs are not just designs, they provide a totally new experience to the person entering into the kitchen.

We design the kitchen to perfection. Our Modular Kitchen expertise is impeccable. We believe in working towards timely completion of every project. Our turnaround time is less which makes the most of our efforts and your money. Think Modular Kitchen, think us. We are the best in designing Modular Kitchen experiences for each of our clients.